The Rospigliosi's magnificent estate in Spicchio

The Rospigliosi's magnificent estate in Spicchio The Spicchio site - located in proximity of Lamporecchio settlement - is known since the 15th century as the Rospigliosi property organizational centre.
Following a Medicean tradition of building up luxury country houses, also Rospigliosis, a patrician family from Pistoia very famous in the territory, developed in the 17th century their own estate. Especially Giulio Rospigliosi, who became Pope in 1667 as Clemente IX, promoted those works that gave birth to the compound that includes the Palace (nowadays known as Villa Rospigliosi and ascribed to artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his art school), the Chapel and the "Old Villa" with its appurtenances: a Farm, a tree-lined boulevard that goes down till the village, the park called Parco dei Giardinetti and a wide shooting lodge named Il Chiuso.

The Rospigliosi estate was a land and agricultural tenure but also a centre of leisure and recreation and, beside representing a large work of papal propaganda it also testified of the strict relationship between the patrician family and the territory. And the Farm and the other appurtenances were not only some "accessories" of the villa but represented instead its vital fulfilment. As Giulio itself highlighted in a letter to his brother while he was in Rome for the papal elections: "...I am looking forward to come back home and enjoy a well deserved rest in those country houses...".

The Tenuta di Spicchio Estate

According to the tradition, already in the 15th century a villa was built in Spicchio, later on modified and encompassed in a farm. The building probably rested on an ancient monastery as suggested from some architectural characteristics.
In the following centuries there have been many interventions (including the one that give birth to the Villa Rospigliosi) that gave to the estate the aspect that it had at the beginning of the 20th century, when the property passed from the Rospigliosis to the Schweigers, a Roman family who used the estate as farm business until few decades ago.

Today, the Tenuta di Spicchio includes the old Principal Villa, the Farm, the Garden of Citrus and an ancient Aqueduct built to bring to the compound the water springing from the nearby San Baronto hill.
It is living a new shining age thanks to the long view and passion of a local family that some years ago started a wise work of renovation.

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