Tenuta di Spicchio

Immersed into the picturesque Montalbano hills scenario, between secular olive trees, citrus and vineyards, there is the Tenuta di Spicchio estate, old countryside residence belonged to the Rospigliosi patrician family since the middle age and - nowadays - real monument of the Tuscan architecture. Part of a compound including also the seventeenth century Bernini Villa, the Farm and the old Family House dominate a 12 acres estate, starting from the ancient Borgo di Spicchio going down until the first buildings of Lamporecchio, town for which the estate represents an historical, architectonic and urban reference point.

After a period of oblivion, in 1994 the property has been bought by the local entrepreneur Gettulio Cenci who - animated from the desire to give back to the village his old glory - founded Tenuta di Spicchio S.p.A., a company that immediately started a long and careful recovery work. The final objective of this renovation is to give birth to a high level touristic project with the involvement of authorities and sector operators who can contribute to bring back the estate to his former status.