The renovation

When in 1994 Gettulio Cenci's family got the property of Tenuta di Spicchio, the estate needed renovation works that looked immediately as overshadowing given the size - about 9570 sq. yd. of buildings and 12 acres of land (plus the 81 acres of the contiguous Rospigliosi's shooting lodge called "Il Chiuso").

The desire to see the revival of the old estate that dominates the village of Lamporecchio brought to the establishment of Tenuta di Spicchio S.p.A., a joint-stock company of which Gettulio Cenci became the Sole Director. From 1995 until now this company has continuously taken care of the renovation works that so far have concerned the exteriors of the buildings, to guarantee the structure preservation and stability and to improve their contents. More over, in the recent years there has been the renovation of the ancient aqueduct that brought water to the estate from the springs on San Baronto Hill.

The works have been carried on by the best local craftsmen under the supervision of Soprintendenza del Ministero dei Beni Culturali, a governmental institution for the safeguard of estates with special artistic value.
Aimed to recreate and recover the original environment that was slowly decaying, the works are still in progress and should terminate at the beginning of 2009, when the second and conclusive part of the recovery will start.